How to Improve SEO Ranking Using Testimonials

Improving search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to attract more visitors to a website and eventually increasing the chances of business conversion. There are many ways to improve a site’s SEO that include creating high quality content, getting more backlinks from other sites through reciprocal links, advertising and many other online and as well as offline methods. But aside from these one method that gives double advantage would be using testimonials

The use of testimonials about your services or products can help to increase the reputation of your website and at the same time increase the SEO. This is because when you put testimonials of your clients onto your site, you create credibility with your testimonials and at the same time if you link it correctly with keywords from other websites you increase the visibility of the search result.

Testimony from clients is a fantastic way to create a good impact for your site’s SEO and your company’s reputation. This can come in the form of written testimonial to voice testimonial or even video. Testimonials in video format can also be posted on social network sites such as Facebook or Youtube to attract more traffic to the website.

However it is always important to have a steady and reliable web hosting service to host the video or audio of your testimonials and if your website is facing downtime, nothing you do can help to improve the SEO or protect the reputation of a website. So ensure your website is hosted under a good web hosting provider.

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