The aesthetic website

The aesthetic website is one that you would be mesmerized the very moment you enter the main page. One that you would stop to look around regardless of the information being offered, and one that you would come back again after sometime to be mesmerized again. All because of the wonderful design that you find attractive that complements the content and the theme of the overall website.

Web design is pretty much like the cover of the book that captures the first attention of the reader that gives that that powerful first impression is all the lovely work of art. So when doing web design, it is important to understand how the eye flow of website works. Designing a website that looks clean and neat is rather safer than one that is too colourfully complicated with complex elements. But clean and neat may be too safe, and that would also lead to boredom.

Colour plays an important role in web design, that would represent the identity of what the website does. White is generally used by most websites as it can be easily mixed with other contents and design whereas black would be the alternative choice. White and black is usually the most prominently driven colour in most websites. Other colours such as orange, purple, pink, et cetera are usually used to supplement the design.

But what’s more important about web design’s colour and layout is the consistency of all pages. A good design is a clean design that has good consistency with its elements. Sometimes when it comes to web design, it does take that extra effort to apply the consistency from pages to pages. There are many ready made themes available as template in a WordPress content management system.  These themes are made with consistency of design that automatically applies to all contents. Everything else created is within the consistent theme.

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