Web hosting control panel

When you buy a web hosting service from any web hosting provider, you’ll be sure to see a list of options for different types of control panel that you can choose from. The choice of control panel allows you to manage your web’s content, create FTP and email accounts, track statistical visit of your website and use other features that comes with your control panel.

Most web owners would be familiar when they hear the name Cpanel control panel as it is one of the most common choice of control panel among users due to its convenience, features and accessibility. Some people judge the quality of the web hosting service by looking at the types of control panel they offer, however this should not be the case to evaluate the quality of the service as different types of control panels have different contributes and the real quality should be measured with the consistency of uptime and the support that the web hosting are providing instead.

Though Cpanel is one of the most commonly used control panel, there are others that users often missed out for consideration. Other control panel systems include cPane, Plesk, H-Sphere, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Interworx, Helm, Hosting Accelerator, InsPanel and CWIPanel. But when evaluating the differences among these control panels look into the availability of the basic features such as Mail Manager, Parked Domains, Addon Domains, FTP Manager, File Manager, Disk Usage, Backup, Password Protect directories, MySQL Manager, Redirects, Frontpage Extensions, Error Log, IP Deny manager, Index Manager, Network Tools, Web/FTP Stats, CGI Center, Raw Access Logs and SSL Manager. These are some of the essential features that should be available on any control panel service.

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