Steps to screening a good web-hosting provider

Web hosting companies are growing like mushroom everyday on the world, simply because most think that it’s a ‘quick’ and easy business. As much as it grows, many also die along the road when they failed to understand the real value they can provide to customers. One that can last for many years and eventually gained public acceptance and reputation understands what does it takes to give what customer wants in web hosting service. If you are looking for one, you may opt to consider these criteria to find a good web-hosting provider.

Look at the fact of specification instead of the ‘wow’ effect

You’ve probably seen it many times on the newspaper and more often on the internet advertisements showing web hosting companies offering ‘amazing’ deals that seem like the price is out of this world. But look further, because these are usually not even worth the price that you would be paying for. Because many web hosting companies are more keen to have their space being bought than to really create value to protect client’s intellectual property, you may just end up being on the punctured bandwagon that is heading to the wrong direction.

As most of these great deal prices are abundance, what is usually not told is how they are going to host your sites, which will most likely being dumped together along with thousands of other clients under a overused of resources in server. So think twice and read between the lines.

The unlimited or infinite gag

Nothing is unlimited in this world, not even love in some degree. So how can unlimited even be possible for web hosting? Similar like using the ‘wow’ factor to get quick attention, these web-hosting companies usually attempts to use unethical advertising to make empty promises. The fact is computers have limits and so would its hardware system such as RAM, hard disk and other CPU resources are all subjected to a limited number defined by the technology today. Since hard disk comes with a limited capacity, how can any web hosting advertisement that promises unlimited disk space or bandwidth deliver it?

Reputation and experience

One of the best ways to really screen through a good or bad web hosting company is by doing sufficient research. By understanding the history and track record of its clients, you’ll have better chance to know if it’s a good or bad web-hosting provider.