Choosing between personal and outsource email hosting service

To many, having the exact control over everything on business may seem self-sufficient and powerful. They consider such option to be more cost saving and having more control over the matters at hand and protect matters of privacy. However, the dilemma of choosing between the two options of outsourcing email service and self managing lies on several factors that include the ability to dedicate time, resources, manpower and experiences. These important factors are often overlooked before considering self-handling or outsource service of business email hosting, many who did not plan well succumbed into a devastating situation where business fails.

There are many cases of misleading of information when management of organizations are often misled by underestimating the requirement of factors mentioned and being too cost saving oriented that eventually led to wrong belief of self-handling email hosting service. Email system is one of the most important communication tool that businesses use to achieve many things. The handling of email service and the maintaining of the server require a lot of dedication and effort to continuously ensure its best performance.

While it is ideal and possible to have email hosting done by self, it is very time consuming and requires strict managing system of handling and maintenance. First of all, one must be sure that they are fully committed to managing their own servers, time allocation is important as mentioned. Second, resources must be sufficient in order to run a long-term self-handling email service. This means the environment in which the server operates must have the right conditions i.e  temperature, power source and backup power.

The third and one of the most important factors would be the manpower and experiences to handle the servers. This reminded a case of client when the management was persuaded to believe all the pros of self-managing server and left out the cons. Indeed the company was doing well for a month time, but when their team of personals left the company, they urgently rushed to the help of server hosting specialist. This case tells more than just merely manpower and experience, but it demonstrates the importance of ‘real’ commitment of service that is worth the cost of saving.

Web hosting and email hosting services are available for a reason due to the fact that they provide what others don’t – Manpower, resources, experiences and more importantly commitment to ensure reliability of service.

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