So why shared hosting?

Dedicated server may seem like the best ideal web hosting service that everyone would want to have. It’s just like driving Mercedes Benz than driving Honda. But if you just need something to get you to a destination, why not choose the latter if prize is your first consideration; after all, it also comes with come other benefits. Here’s what the analogy would be applied when it comes to dedicated vs shared hosting.

Shared hosting is usually cheaper than the price of dedicated server. Well unless you require a special mission critical hosting for your website where you need highly exclusive space and keep various confidential files, you might ought to get a dedicated server, otherwise you might opt just for a shared server, which will do the exact same job to get you to the same destination – profits.

When it comes to server administration, shared server gives you the hassle free trouble that will be managed by the server’s administration. It’s their responsibility to have the latest software, anti-virus and backups updated from time to time because the server is being shared by more than one account and it is their responsibility to ensure that these accounts will always be at its latest updates. Aside from that, another benefit when it comes to shared hosting includes various features such as scripts that are often provided for free and multiplies of emails.

What do you think about shared hosting?