How not to create a failing process of opt-out email

One of the less known function of email marketing is branding. Email works as a form of interaction between the recipient and the sender and when the recipient response, it creates a two-way communication but at the same time the user can also be handling a large number of recipients. If email does create branding, it is also in its favor to provide the recipient to opt-out gracefully.

One of the reasons why so many email marketing failed miserably, yes miserably because they do not see the potential comeback of the recipients by creating less than a pleasurable opt-out experience for their recipients. It is important to remember that even if the recipient has no interest over what we are selling, email must have a pleasing yet friendly way for them to unsubscribe themselves.

If you create a pleasing way for them to unsubscribe conveniently, at least they would not have add up to any negative impression. Just because they are unsubscribing from your email doesn’t mean that they are not interested in your products, but it could be caused of the email itself that they find it as spammy. So if you would to prepare a nice road for them to leave if they feel like to, you would at least be sustaining a positive or perhaps even a memorable experience for them and they might come back to visit you again to buy your products in future.

Always include a opt-out option that is simple and possibly a survey to understand why they choose to do so and ensure that survey would as well be optional for them to fill. Some people have experienced their recipients calling in and labelling their emails as spam asking them to be removed from future mailing.

Have you ever experienced such complained?