Why is your email not read?

Email marketing has becoming a word that is easily understood by many thanks to the daily spasm that are being received by everyone everyday. It’s easier to spot a spam mail than to spot an authentic email these day because we recognize the patterns of a spam mail. We can easily recognize the very distinctiveness of how a spam would phrase its subject line to the content of a message. Therefore the tips on how to write an effective email subject line so your email would be opened would be how not to write your email subject line like a spam mail.

First of all, ensure that no big cap for all words. All capital letters of a subject line makes the recipient feels like the message is shouting at them making a desperate appeal. It especially look worst when it is used with common adjective that look spammy such as BEST, BIGGEST, GREAT and etc. I would have trashed an email with such subject line. But capital words and adjective is not bad, it’s just that it should be used more sparingly and wisely.

Now the question is who are you sending to? Any email that looks like its addressing a million people and letting your recipient feel that he/she may just be one of it is the sure-fire to getting your email trashed. One of the biggest advantage of email marketing is the power to individualize the email for the recipients. Address your recipients’ name and use subject line that is personalized to their needs and situations.

Perhaps one last most important thing about the subject line is to send the email to yourself and to your friends to evaluate their responses. Email is one of the best ways for cost effectiveness, it is often used as a tool to experiment and develop campaign. This allows everyone to users to test their emails a few times before fully launching it.