Secrets of consumer seduction with e-commerce

Like the arts of seduction, it requires the psychological understanding of what captivates the other party in order to be a successful seducer. Like the arts of seduction, e-commerce must use these understanding to seduce their visitors into their website and create a good impression. With that, everything they see with their eyes must look seductive enough for them to continue browsing through every page to satisfy their curiosity.

The secrets of seduction in e-commerce like anything between two party lies in the power of persuasion. But in order for a website to look persuasive it must have characteristic of an effective communicator and this starts all the way from the first impression of the design. The first look on the website would give an enormous impact about the positiveness or negativeness of a website. It tells a lot about their credibility, believability and trustworthy. By exhibiting anything that look like a needy and desperate predator you lost the chance of seducing the person in the art of seduction or a potential client in the art of creating a good e-commerce site.

Having said that, consistency or congruency with your identity is the step to convincing element. If you provide a good description about your products, but have bad look on the web design then it would be like a beggar trying to convince someone that he is driving the Mercedes. One of the way to show consistency in web design is to have a consistent theme. By using a prepared theme such as WordPress templates provides the user to keep their focus on listing out their site’s description and let WordPress carry every consistent design as possible. User would then have optimal time to focus on pushing out their products and promoting it than to spend the extra time on design. It’s one of the user-friendliest content management tool for e-commerce. The next good step after seducing and creating a good reason and mindset to buy from your website is to create good accessibility and convenience for them to easily continue with their decision – to buy your products.

So are you a good seducer or are you simply the Casanova?