Server migration safety procedure

Every business is adapting to the flux of technology improvement from time to time. This is even so when online business and web hosting comes to play in everyday communication for better quality. Server migration is not an uncommon procedure for any business that seek to improve the capacity to perform faster and acquire bigger space and resources so they may compete in this technologically sophisticated market.

Most server migration process is done to improve the connectivity and redundancy for clients so they may experience better web hosting service. Server migration indiscriminately covers various system of platform that include Windows, Windows NT or Linux. By relocating servers to a new area (which is usually a better platform and resources) the servers usually gets better upgrade system and better internet service provider that helps to ensure a more stable connection.

All web hosting providers have different procedures when dealing with server migration, and the only difference is how much of precaution is taken to ensure the best stability for minimum downtime. It is every web hosting provider’s responsibility to ensure that all clients are well informed about the decision to migrate their servers and that consents should be given before any action is taken. Many web hosting companies do not practice transparency on server migration, they don’t communicate with their clients and as a result causing unexpected downtime that leave unprepared clients frustrated when they are not able to inform their clients about the temporary downtime.

A good web hosting company would always have advance scheduling of server migration and clients’ consent must always be obtained before any action should be carried out. Advance scheduling include selecting the best time to perform the server migration so the website would not be disrupted during the peak hour of visits. The migration process should also include thorough management on timing to ensure that servers will be restored on time as expected. Lastly, server migration must also be carried out by experienced specialist who can ensure safety measure to shutting down the server, wrapping it, delivering and restoration must be carried out professionally.

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