Using WordPress for forum

The first impression when someone says WordPress would probably be directly linked to blogging, and that is true from where WordPress was originated. But not many people are surprise these days when they are told that WordPress can also be used as a content management system for websites due to the fact that it is more popular these days to use it as a content management system than to use it merely for blogging. But using WordPress as content management system for forum could be something new for you.

WordPress is powerfully known for its search engine friendly feature that allows every post, news, page and content to be indexed by search engines easily. This gives you the reason why people want to use WordPress as content management system for forum. Because of the nature of WordPress that is geared more toward blogging, it has huge variety of plugins that enhance the every topic and thread on the forum. These include plugins, tagging, RSS feeds and easy to cusomize.

As there are many forums build using other service such as PHPBB or vBulleting, WordPress provides similar, if not better content management system to publishing news, blog posts and comments. As famous as there are many pre-designed template that for forums, WordPress designed template for forum are also making its popularity on the market. This increases the convenience for more people to start their very own forum.

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