E-commerce for digital download

E-commerce has allowed many business possibilities for entrepreneurs sell their products and services across thousand miles without the need to meet their clients face-to-face. Payment method and delivery have been evolved to provide better and more convenience to sellers and buyers. One order form sent through email to receiving a payment through the internet can instantly have a new product sent to another side of a country in days time. But what’s even more powerful is when some products such as books, videos, seminars and music are converted into digital format that makes e-commerce too convenient to a point where it involves some risks.

E-commerce for digital download is a fast and demanding way to conduct businesses. Most products that are viewable through the monitor screen these days can be converted into digital files where it can be uploaded or sent through the internet, faster than delivery using mail. These digital products include music audio files, ebooks, videos of seminar or entertainment, photos, software and etc. You’re probably already that these categories of products are one of the most often transferred files on the internet everyday.

The speed to deliver these products is simply a matter of seconds upon receiving the payment from clients. There are basically two main ways for sellers to store and deliver their products. One is through the storage in application files server, where all digital products are being stored on a reliable application server. The client will be provided with a private URL link to download the files from the application server. Another way to deliver the products is to simply send it through email. The latter method does not require application server as it usually involves only small size of digital files such as images.

Nonetheless, E-commerce for digital products can be a risky business as online piracy and theft happens more often on these types of products. Peer files sharing software and torrent files are one of the best evidence on how digital products can be leaked and distributed. Therefore, choosing a reliable web hosting and application hosting provider is crucial to secure your e-commerce. Application provider must be reliable enough to prevent any kind of hacking and withstand other circumstances that may affect the files hosted.

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