Ebay ads that sells

Almost everyone knows Ebay these days. But selling your products on Ebay can be quite competitive and hard for potential customers to find you sometimes. This is especially more frustrating when you’re waiting for the raise of bid on your product everyday. So a better solution for sellers would to try out Ebay classified ads that can help you to reach more potential markets and bring more visitors into your websites.

Because Ebay harvest more than millions of potential visitors everyday, placing your Ebay classified ad will increases these chance of getting the potential buyers. Placing your product on Ebay classified ads and Ebay auction listing is about the same – only better yield. There will still be different categories to choose from, but there may be fewer categories in classified than in auctions.

So how to get started? Make sure you have an Ebay account and also a PayPal account ready to receive money. Signup for a free PayPal account here. Ebay classified ads costs about $10 for a month. There can be more than one item listed on classified ads. By 30 days or a month, classified ads can be renewed or cancelled at your choice.

Similar like Ebay listing, you will have to post a photo to increase visitors interest to click at your ad. Make sure that contact information is provided so you can be contacted if prospects have some interest in your product. Again the keywords in classified ads will play a big role in determining where your ads will end up. So understanding common keywords is important to put your ads at the right prospects.