Preventing PayPal account from being frozen

You may have heard of countless cases where PayPal accounts were frozen out of warning. You’ve heard people who have tried appealing to PayPal to restore their account but no avail at the end. While you constantly wonder if PayPal is the safe way to receive and keep your money on the internet, here are some of the things that you can help to prevent any account from being frozen.

It’s important to understand why some accounts are frozen in the ice. The first logical thing that anyone must know is that they should not be using their payment gateway system to conduct any illegal transaction such as selling weapons, drugs or one that involve terrorism activities. I believe no payment gateways or banks would accept this in this policy anyway.

PayPal stores all information about the user, from billing information to business and home address and to credit card information. This will help PayPal to easily trace and monitor the types of businesses you are doing and if you are really a genuine and legit seller. This is the most important thing that you must remember, so make sure that all products or services are legal according to the terms and conditions by PayPal.

The second reason why PayPal account is frozen sometimes is due to over complains from customers on the dissatisfaction of your products or services. Not delivering on time, product mismatched or defected products can cause customers to file up a complain on PayPal’s resolution center, and if the customer won over the case, you business account will be frozen.

One of the way to prevent and solve some of these ‘misunderstanding’ is by being proactive from time to time as a seller. You’ll need to be as transparent as you can with all transaction and show proofs e.g. receipts, invoices, emails and etc to prove everything. PayPal resolution center is a good way to handle such issue. It’s like the court and PayPal is the judge to observe all circumstantial evidence. The more you can prove, the better position you will be at.