Magnetic social networking marketing

Aside working with search engines for better ways to market your company, another more lucrative result is through social network marketing. Some social network sites such as Facebook don’t consider themselves as competition in the social network industry but with other prominent search engines such as Google. In the near future as these social network marketing expands, it will play a bigger role in the decision making for visitors to buy products and services.

Social network marketing relies on the use of online communities and social network sites. It is about befriending people on the Internet and building good rapport. It is also a platform for instant news and two-way communication that is also considered as a good pr tool that can be used for branding and publicity.

Social network marketing is based on the online conversation between participants, which is not controlled by a company. Aside from this, social network marketing’s biggest edge is the specification of demographics that allow companies to target their advertisement to the right target audience that are more likely to be interested.

As social network marketing continues to grow, it creates a greater way for any online business to do publicity work as it reaches to more people with genuine interest. Nonetheless, it is a double-edge-sword that can make or break a company’s reputation as news in social network spread through mouth like fire.

From the SEO standpoint, it is also a highly effective way to generate more backlinks. But be prepared for the better or worst on the quality as not all links favors the company’s reputation and it is not controllable.