How to put your visitors into a hypnotic trance and make them stay or even buy your products!


Take a deep breath, and breathe out gently. Then count from five to one and you will become more and more relax as you are reading this. You are intrigued with the title when you first read it and you will become focused on all the points here, because you want to capture your visitor’s attention and make them stay…

This is probably the impression you have in mind about hypnosis, and you are right. You are here because you want to make your website look more interesting to your visitors, so interesting that it mesmerizes them and put them into a hypnotic trance to stay longer or even buy your products as a result. While you can put your visitors into a dazed stated, you should realistically know that you can’t mind control your visitors.

But the good news is, you can create suggestions to your visitors that are influential enough to put them in a suggestible state and make them stay a little longer and perhaps if it is persuasive enough (and your products good enough) they might just buy it!

The truth based on research is that people go through a hypnotic state at least twice a day in their daily routine. But the media has exaggerated hypnosis and it is now stereotyped as something to do with taking control over people’s mind regardless of their will. Hypnosis is not about mind control, at least not unwillingly. If you have ever been driving in a long distance while you are listening to the radio or talking to the passenger only to realize you have reached the destination in a short time, then you were in a hypnotic state.

Many routine work involves getting people into an automated hypnotic state. These include driving, cooking and reading which can all create an automatic response for action. When was the last time you’ve read a book or visit website that you are so focused that you’re not even aware of someone calling you. Because you were absolutely focused on what you’re doing. You can achieve the same with effect with your web content with the following:-

Good design

Because a website is known for fast browsing, and it only has a few seconds to grasp the visitors attention the first appearance must has significant impact. And the way to do this is with good design. A good design is a clear design and a clear design is when everything is in order. You want a web design that soothe the visitor’s urge to rush to one site to another. So unless the web design is good enough, you then fail the first step.

“The web is for scanning, not deep reading. People typically spend two minutes or less on a site. Why do you think the killer app is called browser” – Josh Quittner, Fortune magazine.

Keywords are the key

You might not be aware, but you need to get the keywords right before you talk about prolonging your visitor’s stay. Because without relevant keywords targeted to your page, you will mostly attract the wrong visitors who will not stay. So getting the keywords right give your visitors more reason to stay and read your stuff, because it is relevant to them. If they reached your page correctly and find the content reflect their reality they are then more receptive with your suggestion.

To be continue… (pace and lead, belief system next)