Landing page – A lead to profit

A landing page, also known as the lead capture page is an important page from your website that brings more lead, visitors and prospects to your site. It is a site when visitors click from the search result or advertisement. There are basically two types of landing pages, the reference and transactional.

The transactional page is a landing page with the sole objective to turn traffic that comes in to a conversion. A transactional page usually includes all elements of a sales page to persuade visitors directly to purchase a product or service.

Another type of landing page is called the reference. It is based on relevant information to the visitors using ethical technique such as the AIDA principles to generate more lead and sincere interest.

Comparing both of these landing pages, the latter would be more realistically credible to the visitors. Nonetheless, both types of landing pages only have less than a split second before the visitors decide to step out of the site. So the first impression is crucially important. This boil down to four important aspects of impression – design, headline, content and credibility.

The design of the landing page must never look like another-pop-out-advertisement with too much flashy graphics. Visitors have an ultra sensitive filter with graphics, so make sure that the overall layout and design of the landing page looks profession and clean.

If your visitors found your landing page to be pleasing for their eyes, they will then scan for the headline. So the right headline should reflect what they are looking for in the first place. The headline’s landing page should be consistent with the keywords that you have set for your page.

Now moving from headline to the content is that you should never oversell your products or make unrealistic claims. Building sufficient credibility is important and one of the ways to do so is through testimonial. You can provide testimonials from your clients about your products or services to make them feel more confident.

Landing pages should never be too pushy with sales. It is generally better to provide sufficient information about the product to the visitors first to create a professional resource site (that also sells products).  Most web visitors are sensitive with sales ploy and would do whatever it takes to avoid it. Despite that, always remember to show your products’ images on your website aside from text information. It helps them to think faster and give them an idea of your products.