How to put your visitors into a hypnotic trance and make them stay or even buy your products!

A good hypnotic experience is all about the ability to focus. If you can make your content enough of relevance to them, you can get their focus. This can be done by pacing their reality of needs, addressing their specific needs and wants from you website. Step into their shoe and think from their perspective, see what they see, feel what they feel. Then address their need and lead them by giving a suggestion that makes sense. Don’t exaggerate or oversell your product because smart visitors can tell between bone and meat.

Let them experience it

Give them an imaginative experience of what it feels like to be able to enjoy the products and services through story telling. Go deep by chunking down the details to stimulate every positive imagination as you can. They are able to visualize better this way and if it feels right for them, they will most likely continue to accept your suggestion.

Belief system

Everyone has a different belief system but understanding their belief system can help you to say the right words and hit the nail that makes your visitors say ‘yes, that’s what I’m thinking, I am paying for a good price, but not able to get the quality that I actually wanted”. Then you might ask them which is more important, cost or quality? There are three interrelated process of a belief structure, the cause, effect and its meaning.  So by understanding your visitors’ values and beliefs, you can make better use of how to connect to their reality.

Metaphor and analogy

To amplify their imaginations, you can provide a metaphor or analogy to illustrate your point. For example you may ask how would you compare between ten metal rings and one diamond ring when it comes to winning the heart of a woman. That would be the same when it comes to winning the heart of your clients. It’s a weak example that I just made up, but you’ll get the idea of making a comparison between cost and quality. So in your sales page, you can use metaphor and analogy to give them a better understand of your suggestion.

Original content

Nonetheless the originality of the content plays another role in influencing a visitor. Never copy someone else’s work. Be different and offer uniqueness that matches their reality.