The importance of SMTP

SMTP was first defined in 1982 that stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol as transportations for emails to different servers. It is an important technology on email communications that we often use but never really pay attention to. SMTP is what helps you to send out email messages and it works by using the domain name in the recipient’s email address to connect to the recipient’s mail server.

Very often SMTP gives people the headache to send a simple email out to their recipient. This can be caused by several reasons that include the blocking of ISP, wrong setting of configuration, and dynamic ISP. As the process of transfer from one internet to another, it goes through different servers’ process and ISP, so there are many things that needs to work correctly before it can be sent out.

Mobile SMTP through devices such as iphone, Blackberry and laptop is also not easily accessible at many places as emails are relayed via SMTP servers and it can be difficult to connect while using internet access such as WIFI from outdoor places. Coffee shop, malls and hotels sometimes prevent the ISP from recognizing the SMTP thus not allowing the process to proceed as a security measure.

Configuring an SMTP depends on the MTA (Mail User Agent) and the operating system that supports it server. So finding out this information is the first step to begin. As SMTP does not authenticate the sender, it is often being misused for sending spam, and that’s why ISP monitors the number of outgoing emails all the time.

Other configuration on the mail system allows the user to filter unwanted emails, limites the number of emails that can be sent out and control over other securities and technical concerns that one has.