How to use squeeze page to increase email database?

If you’re even wondering what squeeze page is, chances are you’ve probably been seeing it more than once throughout your time on the internet. A squeeze page is a page in a website that tries to get your name and email address for promotional purposes. Within a squeeze page, you find there’s rarely any link that can lead you out of the page. This is because the main focus on squeeze page is have your email address to be included in a mass database product promotions.

You find two most crucial elements in a squeeze page. First is the information itself that is presented is the most captivating manner. You’ll find the information presented to be very relevant to your need and thus you decide to give out your email address in exchange for information that will be mailed to you. This may include newsletters, tips, reports, ebook or even within a chapter of a book that you find most valuable.

The second element within a squeeze page is the field for email and name. There’s usually a field for visitors to fill in at the end of the page or anywhere in between. Sometimes, email field would pop out of the page as a pop up window. Visitors are usually attracted to put in their email addresses when they know they will be rewarded with valuable information or something for free. So once they give out their emails, they would receive promotional emails sent to them regularly either by daily, weekly or monthly according to the person who designs it. This of course would be a automated process.

A squeeze page is a highly effective method to do email marketing. It also creates visitors loyalty if you find your regular emails to be worthy and they would be returning to the websites if they like it. This in turn also creates good SEO as Google reads visitors loyalty. For all, it can be utilized as a form of affiliate marketing to sell these database to companies who would like to promote their products. They can then insert their products into the promotional email.

For that to work well, one must also have a good and reliable email marketing system. There are many autoresponder email system and many email marketing package, but with the potential of these valuable database in the long term, it’s always better to get a reliable email marketing service.