Which online ad for my business?

Similar like finding the right space for your ad on the magazine, it requires understanding which is the right market for your product. In online advertising, there are however more types of system for you to choose from. These include the famous PPC (pay per click) and PPA (pay per action) which means paying only upon an action or purchase is made.
Choosing which ad to put your product is like choosing which magaine to put your ad. There are several popular types of ad network that you can consider and by popular means the amount of audience they hold. One being the largest online paying ad is Google Adwords. It provides advertisers the opportunity to skip through the hard work of building SEO rankings. Google Adwords provide products that are associated with the right keywords to be ranked on top of Google search results.
Another big player in the online ad system would be Facebook advetising system. Advertising with them gives you a more specific demand of demographics. It provides more precise criteria of audience to choose from. Facebook advertising has been considered as the next most popular advertising system aside from Google Adwords. But Google Adwords contain larger network of visitors.
The next two advertising system name are something that’s familiar to the ear, Yahoo and Bing. These two are considered to be the alternative choice for advertisers targeting smaller niche of market. For some, the Yahoo and Bing would be considered as the starting ground to learn more about the online advertising system as it is more affordable compare to Google Adwords.
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