How to set up an autoresponder

An autoresponder to follow up with your clients need is always a good choice when you’re not around your computer all the time or when you’re just too busy to manage more than thousands of clients a day, it just makes business easier.

But just before that, you might ask what exactly is an autoresponder. Well it is a powerful setup system that sends back an email message in response to the topic in a particular subject line or keyword, this is so that the recipient will be able to respond to the email enquiry by the sender on any business matter.

There are many software and program that one can get to create an autoresponder. It can be done manually through normal email system such as outlook express or on free email service such as Yahoo.

In this simple tutorial, we will go through the simple 2 steps of creating an autoresponder system with Outlook Express.

Part 1 – Creating autorespond message

1. Run Outlook
2. Create new message with subject and body text
3. Save message as Outlook file template

Part 2 – Setting autorespond system

1. Go to Outlook, click on Tools and select Message Rules and then Mail.
2. Click at New under New Mail Rule window.
3. Under the select conditions for your rule, check For All Messages.
4. Under the select the actions for your rule check Reply With Message.
5. Under the rules description, click at the blue message word.
6. Find the saved message from Part 1 and click open.
7. Click ok to save.

You’re done and your email system is ready to respond automatically to your recipients.
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