Ebay for ecommerce – a different ball game in business

When it comes to business, you just don’t want to miss the ball like how Robert Green from England did on the recent World Cup game against US. That would be just a too costly lesson not only for him, but to the world who’s involved in the game. Well, business isn’t even a game, it involves reputation and it involves money. So knowing where to start your business safely is a good decision to make.

Ebay, unlike selling in a personal Ecommerce website gives the seller more freedom and power to sell their products in a larger volume. Because of the traffic Ebay receives everyday, and potential buyers and sellers sums up to thousands of transaction everyday. Being part of this Ecommerce business means exposing your business to greater chances of product visibility and potential buyers.

Reliable selling and buying platform is what any entrepreneurs should be looking in any ecommerce platform and Ebay is a great way to reach that. Ebay created a great algorithm to manage sellers and buyers in a systematic way that protects both of them. The procedure of selling and buying in a Ebay has been proven for many people to make transactions safely on Ebay.

Credibility is one of the main factors why people choose to buy or not to buy from you. On Ebay, credibility has a fair way of its own saying through feedbacks from buyers. The result of the selling speaks for itself where potential buyers can do enough of research about the credibility of the products and the services that are being sold. Sellers can be promoted to Power Seller ranking through time and positive feedback from customers.

Because Ebay acts as a third party platform that bridge the gap between potential customers and sellers, it creates better credibility for a seller especially when they have been promoted to a Power Seller. However this form of third party endorsement does not happen on a personal ecommerce website.

Customisation and security are also another great reason why Ebay gives better reason for seller to choose. As an Ebay seller, one can customize the theme of their page, if they intend to sell variety of products and services and also because Ebay primarily endorse PayPal as a payment method, it enhances the security and confidence of buyers to make payment online.