How to get listed in search engine

Starting an online business takes a lot of planning. It starts from creating a website to buying domain name and web hosting. Time needs to be fully utilized in the best efficient way to cut cost. By completing the website and getting it hosted under the right domain name and web hosting, the next step would be getting it listed on search engines.

Any website that is already online but is not indexed by any search engine has much lower visibility and traffic, which means a web business is wasting its precious time of being aloof with the internet world. So let’s talk about what a web site must have and must not have to be indexed by search engines.

The first thing that what a website should not have in the backend and content of a website is something that blocks search engines’ spiders to crawl into a website to do its research. Every search engines have its own spiders that have different behaviour in the way they crawl into a website. This varies from the frequency and type of content they crawl on to.

So to make sure that your website is ready to be indexed by search engines, make sure it does not have any special scripts that prevents spiders from crawling in. Although there has been much debate if a Flash based content can really be as search engine friendly as a HTML site, it is best to use what has already been proven to work better – HTML site.

Another important factor of being indexed by search engine is the content of a website. Make sure that it is following the terms and conditions of the search engines. Then start submitting your site’s URL manually to these three dominant search engines on the internet.