How downtime affect your business?

The downtime factor is possibly one of the least considered criteria for choosing a web hosting. Starting with the right budget in mind, people would usually scout for web hosting services comparing prices of which has the best to offer in town. Without taking into consideration how reliability of a web hosting can affect your downtime, the ultimate objective of why you want to get your site online.
Downtime happens when the hosting service provider cannot fulfill what it takes to keep the server running smooth and uninterrupted. This could be an internal cause such as inexperienced staff managing servers to external factors such as unreliable hosting at datacenter. Either of this would result in the most unwanted scenario of website, facing a downtime. When your website is down, no one is going to be able to access your site. Your local customers who usually know the location of your shop in the exact street is going to find your shop disappeared to no where.
This means losing visitors or prospects of buyers but more important the reputation of your website that represents your company. Imagine if a website for a bank having their downtime of service, this would mean some serious lost of transactions in a day. Any top e-commerce sites would face similar losses.
Some websites took a lot of time for it’s ranking to mature and ripe as an authority website. To face downtime for a period of time would mean looking their figure as an authority website. This means all the work hard that has been put for building a good search engine optimization for the website would be lost. Your website would lose the battle of keywords in search engines leaving the competitors to over take your ranking position.
Now use a calculator and find out how much does downtime really affects your business and take action to choose a reliable web hosting service to avoid downtime.