Free blog hosting vs purchase hosting


In the developing world of internet, there are many ways for one to get a hold of their online prospects, from social network marketing to advertising to backlinks from other websites and to many more. But having a website is the first way to do this. A website is a great way to make your products and services known to the world. It is also an essential branding tool on the internet. But choosing between a web hosting can be a challenging job for beginners.

There are many challenges when starting a website. The first challenge is probably to get through the dilemma between choosing a free blog hosting or purchase hosting. Anyone who first started out will find their understanding on the usefulness of purchase hosting limited. However this changes as they go through a greater need in future. But for the moment a free blog hosting may seem to be the best hosting to start out.

Free Blog Hosting Vs Purchase hosting

A free blog hosting such as WordPress and Blogspot are a mediocre tool for SEO as search engine will be kind to index most contents indiscriminately. However, free blog hosting such as these are limited to full optimisation of SEO. This is due to all setting has been set ahead for convenience. The design and layout will be restricted to a certain degree. Nonetheless a free blog hosting is probably the best choice for anyone to get a new experience of a website.

However, as visitors grow and the need for advance development on the website, a purchase hosting would be timely to fulfil such need. Purchase hosting provides a space (usually with bigger space and more bandwidth) to place more things on the website. These include some programming, application, shopping cart, video and images that are of large file sizes. On a purchased web hosting, all these files are privatised and it belongs to your sole proprietary. Whereas a free blog always have the rights to delete or share your resources for research or other purposes.

It’s important to configure the keywords attract the right types of visitors in search engines and to customize the design of a site according to what it’s selling. A purchase hosting allows full customisation of keywords and design of a website to look more congruent with its business nature, free blog web hosting can’t.

In a purchase hosting, heavier files of videos and flash applications can also be viewed more specifically in the way you want it. More advance tweaking of the codes can also be perform in purchase hosting. The backup tool is also another important feature for anyone to consider a purchase hosting over free blog hosting.


Overall, a purchase hosting give users more control of a website and are more secure in many ways.