Essential SEO

There are two major components of SEO factors that any website must take into account, the on-page factor and the off-page factor. Mastering how to optimise these two SEO factors can bring high success for a site’s ranking with specific keywords on search engines.

On-page factor is mostly about all you see on the content of the website. It refers to the content and text that include title tag, body copy, bold headline, heading tag, image alt and so on. These are usually carried out with best effort to optimise the specific keywords for a website.

The other one is called Off-page factor, which is about page rank score, anchor text or better known as link text that is all achievable using link popularity sites such as social network sites, article database sites, press release submission, classified ads and etc.

Comparing these two critical factors for the success of a website, the on-page factor is generally more controllable than the off-page factor. Is important to understand the basic structure of a good SEO content on a website to achieve a good on-page factor. The essentials of SEO also include the importance of understanding types of links on a website.

There are generally four types of links that a website can get. These include the same site link which links within the same site on different pages, incoming links that comes from external source by other sites, out-going links that points to other websites and reciprocal links that exists on a mutual linking between two websites or more.

It is essential that these links be confined within a set of criteria to achieve search engine optimisation. These links must have good qualities. It must be links that matter or relevant to the content of a site and have a short or long term goal to achieve through these links – conversion.

The links can be gathered through various methods with the off page factors as mentioned. The use of directories can give great yield of good traffic to a site. Directories submission can be in free or with paid terms. It is important to find a directory with reputably good traffic.

The one-way link is a powerful way to improve SEO. Google likes it especially when it is a one-way link from an authoritative site because it comes from an influential resource that is more creditable to them.

Reciprocal links are a famous way for SEO result, but it must be used with caution as the links must have relevance. The best way to make the reciprocal link more worthy and genuine is by exchanging articles rather than just links. It is a good foundation to link building using this method.

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