Do you have a PayPal account?

One of the most important steps after having a website and getting visitors to buy your products online is to have a way to collect the payment. While there are plenty of choices for anyone to accept the payment, whether through cash deposit on local bank, sending check or applying online credit card system with online merchant. Things can be much simpler when it is done through PayPal.

PayPal started in 1998 and has been widely accepted by worldwide on its newly improved system to add more convenience for sellers and buyers. It is one of the most recognizable online payment gateway for many online entrepreneurs since it is owned by Ebay.

There are many reasons why one should have PayPal. One of the most obvious reason it that it’s free for registration. Because PayPal covers vast majority of online transaction, it is a useful online wallet for anyone to have if they intend to shop online from time to time. For sellers, they only need to pay a small amount of fee for one time and they can enjoy the benefits of receiving a more secure transaction from their customers.

It is a powerful system that allows not only for business transaction, but also for people who wants to send money to anyone they want. PayPal is widely accepted on many countries and accepts withdrawal from different local banks. The convenience of PayPal provides to everyone is a powerful system that enhance the way the world connect on online business.

If you don’t have a PayPal account register for one for free at or visit to read more