PayPal is a global leader in online payments with a total payment volume of US$71 billion in 2009.

  • Increase Your Sales
  • Expand Globally with PayPal
  • Attract more buyers with PayPal
  • Stay Secure with PayPal
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    PAYPAL PAYMENT GATEWAY merchants can now integrate PayPal as an additional payment option to increase their sales, expand globally, attract more buyers, and keep their business secure.PayPal is a global leader in online payments with a total payment volume of US$71 billion in 2009 – approximately 15% of global ecommerce and 16.5% of US ecommerce1

    Increase Your Sales

    • Businesses get an average sales increase of 14% when they add PayPal2
    • Receive payments from more than 81 million active accounts worldwide3
    • 57% of online shoppers who purchased from a small/medium-sized business would not have done so if PayPal had not been a payment option4

    Expand Globally with PayPal

    • Accept a variety of local payment methods worldwide with one solution
    • Sell to customers in 190 countries using 24 currencies
    • Diversify and reduce dependence on local markets
    • Alleviate seasonal market fluctuations

    Attract more buyers with PayPal

    • 1 in 3 US online shoppers has a PayPal account
    • Active PayPal buyers in the US use PayPal on average for over 50% of their online spending5
    • In Australia and UK, PayPal is the most preferred payment service on the web5
    • 90% of US shoppers who prefer PayPal cite security most often as the reason for their preference6

    Stay Secure with PayPal

    • No worrying about storing sensitive customer data – leave it to PayPal
    • Over 2,000 specialists working 24/7 to prevent fraud and identity theft
    • Highest available data encryption keeps transactions secure
    • Advanced fraud prevention tools keep PayPal’s loss rates extremely low < 0.2%
      “PayPal is committed to making sure that the transactions are secure. This really seems to reassure buyers.” — Kurt Denke, Read more

    How does it work?

    PayPal is easily enabled through To get started, complete the following 2 steps:
    • Sign up for a PayPal Premier or Business account – it’s free and takes just minutes.
    • Contact for integration. Telephone: 03 – 2032 2263, Email:
    Now, you’re ready to start receiving payments. Here’s how it works when a buyer makes a purchase:
    • Customers shop on your website and click the payment button to make a purchase.
    • They log in to and choose PayPal. Remember, it’s secure and easy for your buyers as they don’t have to retype their financial details each time they pay.
    • With PayPal, they can pay using their credit cards, bank account7 or PayPal balance.
    • You get paid instantly in your PayPal account and can choose to withdraw the funds to your bank account or keep the funds as PayPal balance for your future online purchases.

    How much will it cost?

    • PayPal has no set-up or monthly fees. Pay only a nominal transaction fee with PayPal when you receive a payment8. See transaction fees.

    Helpful links:

    How to enable PayPal

    • Sign up for a PayPal Premier or Business account – it’s free and takes just minutes.
    • Contact for integration. Telephone: 03 – 2032 2263, Email:

    More questions? Contact PayPal

    • Telephone: (65) 6535-7227
    1. Based on Forrester’s estimates of US e-commerce, with the addition of eBay Inc. internal metrics totaling approximately US$256B.
    2. Based on Q1 2006 PayPal phone survey of US small- and medium-sized businesses doing a minimum of $120,000 in annual sales online.
    3. Active accounts are those that have had activity in the past 12 months. PayPal has a total of 210 million accounts worldwide.
    4. Based on Q4 2007 survey of PayPal shoppers, conducted by Northstar Research.
    5. Based on Walker information Inc.’s February 2006 Customer Relationship Assessment (Buyers); sample frame: used PayPal once in past three months, twice in past year.
    6. PayPal Brand Tracker Q4 08.
    7. Receiving payments via bank transfers is available from approved countries. Click here.
    8. Your transaction will be completed at a retail foreign exchange rate determined by PayPal, which is adjusted regularly based on market conditions. This exchange rate includes a 2.5% spread above the wholesale exchange rate at which PayPal obtains foreign currency, and the spread is retained by PayPal. The specific exchange rate that applies to your multiple currency transaction will be displayed at the time of the transaction.



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