Why e-commerce gets easier with Softaculous?

The term e-commerce has attracted many business-minded people to start their new venture into the Internet with their products and services. With the effort it takes to build publicity, marketing and public relations on the Internet to boost the conversion rate, starting up an e-commerce site can be one of easiest starting step, especially with the help of Softaculous.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an auto installer software that usually comes in some web hosting services. Visit Webserver for Softaculous software. If you’ve ever heard of Fantastico, then you’ll have an idea what Softaculous is all about. Similar to it’s rival, Softaculous provides an easy way for anyone to install a content management system (CMS).  Though Fantastico has been around for some time now, Softaculous was able to instantly gain popularity. The reason is; it’s large range of content management systems that come with it.

To name a few popular CMS with Softaculous include Drupal, WordPress, SiteFrame, Nucleus, b2evolution, Geeklog and WCMS. The large range of CMSs are probably what spikes the interest of many. Furthermore WCMS is considered to be one of the best CMS for e-commerce site. It is perfect for all users llike professional, public and private. It gives user the flexibility to separate layout and content.

In addition to that, Softaculous also provides more than 140 scripts to use. This also means that it is more up-to-date. It also has better security compare to many other auto installer. It’s easy to install and use, and it’s free with Webserver!