Why choose WHMCS for e-commerce?

WHMCS: Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this system you may start to ask what is WHMCS? Well it’s one of the most popular billing system for e-commerce that you’ll see on most e-commerce websites. There are definitely more billing management system such as AWBS and Clientexec. But for this article let’s just take a look at why WHMCS is usually the most preferred system.

Having a good billing management system is about having a good foundation for you to manage your business and transaction. WHMCS simply provides you with an easy way to create packages for your products. Then you can setup those products on the shopping cart in your website. It provides a wonderful managing system for you to create new products and can bundle different things together.

WHMCS automates a lot of tasks for you. Shopping cart integration and automatic invoicing is probably one of the best features for making it a choice for so many people. Aside from that, managing your clients’s questions and feedback through WHMCS’s built-in support ticketing system is a fantastic way. It will help you to improve your service and relationship with your clients.

Furthermore, the support system from WHMCS comes with basic features. For instance multiple departments for handling different categories of services, multiple staff managements, ticket escalation and more. It is naturally one of the best tool that any Internet entrepreneur would look forward to having.