Key challenges for email marketing

3 Key Challenges

When it comes to email marketing, one must be aware that there are three main challenges that await every email marketer to deal with. Initial challenge is of going through the spam blocking. Second is to elicit genuine interest to create enough of open rates. Third is; being able to hold their attention to generate high click through rate. So let’s delve deeper into each of them.

1. Bypassing the Spam Blocking

The initial stage as stated to bypass the spam blocking is a work of ensuring that your email will not be rejected or diverted into spam filters. This is the most important step to be sure about. Rest would not be useful if this is not assured properly. By ensuring your email will not be blocked or marked as spam mail, you must basically not make your email look like a spam email. This include ensuring sensitive keywords that must be avoided. Words such as credit cards, bankruptcy, pharmacy, free money etc. These are all common words that usually doesn’t even need spam filter to do the filtering job. Reason is obvious, these words are so commonly known as spam keywords, even humans can recognize easily.

2. Getting High Open Rates

Congrats on passing through the spam filters of an email; the next challenge is to get high open rates of your email. Now it’s time to work on the hook of the email – subject line. The subject line is the first hook that must capture your recipient’s sight at all cost! Get it right and you will create enough of interest for them to open your mail, do it wrong and your email will end up in trash before having it’s chance to present it’s contents. State the fact, but also state what they would like to hear without much exaggeration.

3. Having Clicks

The last part of the email challenge is to get them to actually click at the content. After all the work in ensuring your email getting pass the spam filter and having it being opened, your two steps closer to getting them to where you want. The success of this step varies differently on the emails content and the relevancy of the recipients. If of the key factors to ensure high click through rate is by having the right content matching the right recipients. With all that in place, having the call to action is the single most important thing in the email content.