Virtual Private Email Server – VPS Email Hosting

Email – A Communication Medium in every Organization

There are several reasons behind that email is an unavoidable communication medium in every organization. But is it ok to communicate via this medium using free email services like gmail, yahoo and Hotmail?
It is quite normal to be suspicious on the internet. The reason is amount of spam email and attempts to steal sensitive data in order to get others money. So people can’t trust if they receive mails through these extensions.

In order to retain the optimum level of trust of your potential customers you are required to maintain your own managed Email system. It will not only gain the trust of your potential customers but leave a professional impression as well.

In addition to customer’s point of view, your employees must have separate account that is used for work related purposes only.

Available Options

Now two options are available. Either you can have your own in house managed email or you can outsource. Let’s look at the both sides. In case you decide to have in house management of email, it will demand proper Hardware infrastructure along with Software and of course Additional Manpower as well. Then in order to make sure it free from spam and other security threats, there must be a system to control it. In a nutshell, it can be an additional headache which can deviate your attention from your core business. Now solution is to get it outsourced. Webserver Malaysia has designed a whole plan for you which is Fully Managed Virtual Private Email Server.

What is Virtual private email hosting?

Outsourced Email Hosting is a service that eliminates the need for businesses to manage their email in-house. In addition to the process and delivering your email. Furthermore we provide you with anytime/anywhere access through web mail desktop clients and wireless devices. Simply put – we offer you cost efficient, “No Hardware, No Software, No Additional Manpower” approach. Used in managing a company wide email system. WebServer MY goes extra mile to filter your spam, protect your email from viruses.In order to secure your emails, Net screen and/or Secure Defence 2.0 Firewall system has been employed. Furthermore Daily Backup of Up to 10 GB is also an essential part of this package.

Prominent Features
  • Windows Server 2016
  • SmarterMail Professional Edition Ver 16.x with 250 Mailboxes
  • 100GB Web Space
  • 16 vCPU
  • 8GB Server Memory
  • 2000GB Monthly Transfer
  • 10Mbps Bandwidth
  • 1 x Dedicated IP Address

So get your Fully Managed Virtual Private Email Server in just RM 549/- per month! 

Why not to opt for free?

If you are thinking of having some free public emails; here are the features you will certainly be deprived of:

  • Virtual Private Email Server (exclusive used)
  • Own Corporate Identity
  • SSL Encryption for Sending Sensitive Emails
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Large Attachment Support
  • Multi Lingua Mass Mail Marketing
  • Your Own IP Address
  • Anti Spam Secured
  • Firewall Protection
  • 24 x 7 Telephone
  • Support Online or Downloadable Operation Manual

Experience of transporting over 10 million emails daily and managing over 500 servers for clients across 70 countries. Assuring you peace of mind  when you choose us.