The benefits of hosting at Internet exchange point

The first question that would probably pop up is what is an Internet Exchange point aka IX or IXP? Well it is a physical infrastructure, commonly in datacenters to hold a point for all Internet service providers to exchange Internet traffic between their servers. The benefits of Internet exchange point allows the reduction of the portion from Internet service provider’s traffic.  Which must be delivered via their upstream transit provider. Thus reducing the average per-bit delivery of cost for their service. This in turn could mean faster and cheaper cost for consumers.

Purpose of Internet Exchange Point

There are a total of 65 Internet exchange points in different countries. The main purpose of Internet exchange point is to give better connectivity.  So that different networks are interconnected, creating redundancy instead of going through only one network. Having a Internet exchange point in your country is not less than a blessing. It helps to save million of dollars in foreign exchange annually in the form of internet access charges. Those that don’t have one in their country would rely on traffic going through other countries with internet exchange point. As a result, more costs.

Your Internet and web hosting service would eventually be more reliable. The reason is obvious;  it does not need to transfer to another route for return. Hosting a website that is has its own Internet exchange point would conclusively mean better bandwidth and realibility. The joint of different Internet service providers would also provide better uptime service alternating from one another in the event of any failure. The Malaysia Internet exchange point is located at AIMS data center in Kuala Lumpur. It is the same place where Webserver is currently hosting its servers.