Popular CMS for E-commerce

Which to consider while making a decision?

CMS or content management system is a system that helps you to manage your e-commerce site easier. You may have different description and picture of products to include in your website. You may want to find a way to handle these information in a more effective way, and that would be through a good CMS. There are many web hosting companies that are offering different types of CMS for e-commerce. All that comes with pros and cons depending on the type of e-commerce site that you are working with.

Among one of the popular CMSs is Magento. This CMS comes in most e-commerce hosting package. It is easy to control and gives a modular architecture. Furthermore, it also gives you unprecedented flexibility  to manage your site within your comfort. And since Magento is an open source CMS, it is free. Its code is open to public to edit or add new features to anyway you like.

Next you would find Zen Cart to be most popular for its user friendliness. It incorporates payment method system that supports PayPal and 2Checkout. Besides, Zen Cart also has good basic features for SEO.  That allows the insertion of unique meta tags for every product description. Other than that, you should also consider CubeCart. Its popularity is increasing day by day for being a 100% template driven CMS.

The last recommendation of popular CMS for e-commerce would be osCommerce. Since It is a reputable CMS for its versatility so we often compare it with its rival Magento. The osCommerce provides full-features that offer catalog front end and an administration tool back end. That can be easily configured. It supports wide range of credit card processors and shipping services.

All of these CMS are available with Webserver‘s e-commerce hosting.