ROI for website


Some companies spend more money than others to keep improving different aspect of a website because of a vaguely feeling that the website is not working well. Just like businesses that have its evaluation for return on investment, a website too has its predictable return of investment (for business). Many companies are aware of the importance of a website for a global identity, but not many companies know the right way to evaluate the ROI of a website.

While some websites exists only to provide information without any conversion page, it might play an important role by referring leads to sites as an indirect profit gain. It is important to understand that a website does not require a direct conversion to sales to make it ROI worthy. The right way to analyze a site’s ROI is by evaluation its overall business performance correlation to the expected conversion rate of a website.

This means by including how a website can help to cut cost of resources such as printing materials (annual report and product catalogs) and support services such as phone calls and traveling expenses for onsite consultation and support. A website can be a great substitute for information assistance to help staffs to cut short on tasks such as phone calls that can be answered online and focus more on something more profitable for the business. This will also help cut phone cost in a tremendous way.

Nonetheless, website ROI can a very subjective matter in regards to individual setting of goal for business and website. Therefore a thorough analysis is required to understand the strength and weakness of business and website and find ways to improve it. With that, you can be sure that the number of hits alone should be the less concern matter of all as it is not the true value of a website.

Defining the goal of what the website wants to achieve is the first step of better ROI evaluation. A realistic conversion goal can be track through enquiries that are made through phone calls and emails. These enquiries can further develop into cash values and soon can be compared to sales values.

A call to action page must always be present for websites that intend to have direct sales conversion and a standard conversion page like enquiry or thank you page must also be there to support further evaluation of website ROI.