Making a strong presence with your logo


On a glimpse of a view in movies, newspapers or websites, we can instantly recognize a familiar identity. A strong identity that communicates almost everything you need to know about it. An identity that reflects the objective, goal and nature of work that is associated with it. That identity is represented by a logo.

A logo is like a small piece of the puzzle. It may seem small but important to get the overall picture and ties up everything to one. The media and especially the Hollywood are playing a significant role for creating publicity and public opinion for your company. Very often, you see some overly commercialized movies like James Bond to have loads of ad placements throughout the movie. These familiar logos made their presents so often on the media it reaches our subconscious mind to reinforce the perception.

A good logo is important for all range of businesses from small to big. So a good investment for your logo will be worthy to help people to relate to your company and your products. A company without logo is like a human without head, it does not have an identity it does not know where it’s heading and it does to communicate.

Logo works as a memory tool to remind. On websites, people don’t read, they browse through, with speed scrolling up and down and moving from one page to another. Therefore good graphic design is essential to go wtih the logo that must must have an equal speed to deliver its story to the viewers and have a long lasting impression to promote your company and attract more potential customers.


A good logo can help your company in branding and gaining recognition throughout the world. But more important, it creates feelings for people, feelings of trust when your logo communicates your credibility to them. But with so much communication messages stuffed into your logo, it would probably complicate your logo and become an eye-sore for people to see. A logo need not be abstract but simple and attractive enough to udr in different media is good enough

A logo resolves all around the quality of its design of colour and shape. The shape of the logo communicates almost everything for what your company stands for. The shape is the graphic representation of your company’s objective, goal and reflection of the business. Because human can remember visual better than words, graphic designer understands that a logo need not to be colourful and loud as simplicity would convey a stronger identity and practicality.

As you don’t want people to think that your company is falling apart, your logo should be applied consistently in all communication media. More importantly, your logo should also symbolize a positive and forward thinking of your company.