How can colocation help your business


A collocation web hosting service is about placing your server to a large database center so you may experience a better Internet infrastructure and for a better web performance. Collocation has grown as a demand for additional hosting option. It is an option for small to big sizes of companies who simply do not have the resources or time to handle their server in the most proficient manner.

The main reason why most companies prefer to have their servers collocated is because of the primary utility supplied power and small UPS (uninterrupted power system) to backup the servers of computers on network. Unless the office is located at an important building such as hospital, most companies do not have enough of emergency electricity generator and cooling system.

Cooling system may be one of the most neglected matters for the server. When power is used it is converted into heat that must be cooled to avoid failure or short lifespan of the server. Most air conditioning system in offices are not meant for servers and networks. Collocation of web hosting provides cooling systems that are meant for the environment of dedicated servers and to regulate the server’s temperature. The hosting company helps to deal with environmental details and maintain the Internet connection at a efficient cost.

In collocation service, you pay for the physical space provided for your server that is inclusive of the electricity costs. More than ever you are paying for the better power redundancy. To maintain the stability of a server, a sufficient capital is required in the facility and Internet connection and the personal maintenance. Therefore collocation is a choice for cost saving business option.

And since you will be responsible for your own server, this gives the flexibility to choose the hardware and software configuration of the server that are similar to a dedicated hosting environment. The benefits of collocation helps in giving good connection speed so that your website and application don’t lag behind any condition as your office may be subjected to different influence of environmental factors.

Similar to any hosting plan, reliability and responsiveness plays an important role in collocation and the success of your business. Most companies like provide an onsite remote for clients, but not all provide a 24/7 assistance of remote support. A web hosting company must have a redundant onsite network of engineering staff that are standing by for assistance. It is one of the most essential services that you need in collocation hosting.