How does Google rank your site?


Now some of you might already know which keywords are gold for your website and which keyword can turn your website into a desert. Understand which popular key words others search for. This is how you get a better chance to get more natural traffic from search engines. When it comes to search engines,  people prefer Google the most. So,  let’s narrow down how Google search engine ranks your site.

How Google Rank?

If you think that just by building a great website would get you traffic and eventually customers from the internet, then you are indeed right. But that’s probably not enough at all. The reason is, you may not be getting the right visitors or enough of visitors who would really find your website  related to what they want to buy. And that’s when you need to understand how Google rank your site to get more traffic.

Different search engines uses different algorithm to rank websites based on keywords. In Yahoo for example takes the number of ages of how long a website has existed. Secondly it considers how much of content a website has. This is also different from MSN, Bing and Google. So when it comes to Google, there are something like a voting system. The more votes you to be ranked for a keyword the better your chances of Google perceiving you as worthy to be ranked higher. These votes are known as BACKLINKS.


Backlink is one of the most important factors that Google take into account when deciding who goes on 1st or last page of search result. There’s where so many programs offering to build backlinks are on the internet. The other factor is all about your site itself. It is where how much your site’s content resolve around a keyword. The more relevant your content is to a keyword, the better the chances of being ranked higher.