Designing websites for cell phone

Aside from computers, other mobile gadgets that allow people to check emails, browse internet and communicate online are also making a drastic change for technology advancement. Technology trend has enabled new devices such as smart phones with 3G access to make life easier. Now even devices such as Ebook reader can browse the internet at ease and with technology going better in future you’ll see new products like Skiff coming in. One day, it’ll be something common to see anyone holding a thin glass alike type of device that can be used just like a laptop, as seen in the movie ‘Minority Report’.

But as these technology affect the convenience and usage pattern of internet browsing, the designing of website requires some alteration to fit the trend. This includes preparing content that would be compatible with different system of devices. Understanding which specific device your website is focusing on will help to create better compatibility with the user’s browsing experience as compare to usual browsing a computer.

Designers would also have to take into consideration about the loading of content speed on a cellphone. These include preparing the right images and graphics that can save more loading bandwidth in the browser. White space would probably be more appropriate for cellphone based websites as it saves time and bandwidth to do the extra job. The use of simple options should also be applied to all navigations as loading speed must be taken as priority in cellphones.

Other than that, a reliable web hosting service would help tremendously in delivering a reliable and consistent uptime for websites. Visit for more info.