5 Interesting Facts about Websites

Seo and page visits

Did you know that the accuracy record of page visits through SEO software or services such as Alexa varies from time to time as the tracking depends on the IP (internet protocol) address of each visitor. This change constantly and from time to time and can inflate the numbers easily as some visitors uses dynamic IP addresses. Thus this also increases the number for unique visitors on the record.


Social network sites

Aside from offline publicity, companies these days rely heavily on social network sites. Such as Facebook and Twitter to increase sales. It can help companies to gain productivity and also credibility and it can also provide companies with the control to how they communicate, whether in one-way communication or two-way. As fast as social network sites can help to build credibility, it can also help to destroy a company image. A double sword way for those using this media.

Reliable web hosting

A reliable web hosting is a way to ensure the optimum consistency that your website can get. A consistent uptime of your site is important. Especially if you intend to raise the page ranking of your website in search engine. Which is what any website should achieve to increase visitors in their site and eventually increase sales conversion.


Bandwidth and diskspace

Bandwidth and diskspace should be the main consideration when choosing any web hosting service provider. However, you may hear it commonly from the internet or the newspaper advertisements that these can come in unlimited space and speed. There are no such thing as unlimited bandwidth and diskspace as both replies on the hardware and cables that are both technologically limited.


Knowing who you’re dealing with

Research is an important process that must be done before going through a website. Also when choosing a web hosting provider. To verify the genuineness of information such as date and owner of a website. Browse through forums and read comments from other people their website. You can also know more about the background of a website by going to www.who.is