Application hosting


Application hosting (aka ASP) is one of the most common choices for company, government and non-profit organization to host application or software for their business or website use. These include hosting important business data, to specialized software to perform specific task and to a broad range of enterprise applications that handles different band of tasks for business or website. Unlike what is usually hosted on HTML or domain server, companies outsource their computer application to an application hosting provider to pursue stability in its sole function so they may have better focus on other significant matters. This service also offers users to access the applications or data conveniently at anywhere and anytime.

The applications usually consist of important program such as credit card processor or customer relationship management software to propel business in the right flow. However, these important applications must be supported by a consistent uptime to avoid lost of data and business transaction. For that reason, a reliable provider must be the prioritized criteria to choose an application hosting provider. They must be resourceful enough to make sure their servers can perform well on a consistent uptime basis.

Considered to be a mission critical hosting, it needs constant monitoring, maintenance and upgrade from time to time. And because of the importance of uptime, a high standard procedure must be applied by the web hosting provider to achieve great reliability. This includes the use of experience workmanship who maintains the server and an acceptable threshold guideline to ensure good connectivity.

One must also consider the density of the server’s resources. For example, offers a standard threshold limiting factors that include restricting servers’ resources to reach more than 65% to have buffer for redundancy and/or not allowing more than 75 sites hosted under the same server. The guideline will be carried out for either factor that comes first. This practice will help servers to achieve higher performance of consistent uptime thus greater reliability.

More importantly, a reliable application hosting service cannot occur without the presence of a good workmanship to maintain the server and 24 x 7 technical supports. And fortunately these mission critical quality services are affordably marketed to all businesses today.