5 WordPress Tips


An industrial leading content management system for web developers and designers, WordPress offers a user-friendly administration and easy editing tools. Users can install plugins to use various feature provided by WordPress. Besides using for the convenience of bloggin, WordPress can also be used for a corporate based ecommerce. WordPress beginners can make better use of the tool from these five tips.

After-the-dealine – Spell Checker Tool

This surprising tool may be more than the ordinary spell checker that you find on Microsoft Word. As much as it checks your spelling and grammar, it also runs through the style of your writing through an artificial intelligent proof reading. The tool contain feature of style tips that also allows you to do advance settings to make your words to fit more naturally into the context of your sentence. The style also allows you to create specific tone for your message and tailor for specific group of readers using the ‘bias language’ feature. It also helps avoid words or phrases that you don’t want to appear for any reason. The After-The-Deadline spell checker is a must have tool for every WordPress blogger. If you are using the older version of WordPress it can be installed easily by searching the plugin for After-The-Dealine.

Permalink for better SEO

An important SEO feature in WordPress is the permalink that can simply make or break your SEO effectiveness. Permalink is about the page linking structure of your site. It can be accessed at the Setting category at left column. With that you can make your pages to be more SEO friendly through better naming of page title. It is usually set by the default option where pages are named according to page numbers. This however is not too appealing to search engines, as they know that it is a dynamic generated number. A better way to name your pages is to use the custom structure that you can assign more specific name to your pages and make search engine easier to understand your page and its content.

Seo friendly keywords

WordPress are enhanced in ways to allow every post and images to be incorporated with keywords. This can be easily done by first installing the all-in-one SEO pack plugin. Users can then put specific keywords onto their content at their editing mode. The alternate text for images can also be added on the add new picture feature.

Post revision

One of the best features for those who expect\ perfection in every work is the Post Revision feature that allow various comparison of posts from different period to be viewed at the same time. The Post Revision saves your work from time to time and gives better backup of contents. It offers more like an undo-feature, but with better-summarized comparison so users can tell specifically which content is better. The Post Revision can be found near the bottom of the posting editing backend.

Putting Youtube video

Video is an important content element of a site that gives better presentation. One of the frustration people always get is when attempting to put a Youtube video into their pages. The most frequent (and wrong) way for people to do this is by clicking at the add video button at the editing post page and pasting the exact URL of the Youtube, and then you see no video on your preview. The right way to do it is by click at the HTML mode of your editing page and paste the embedded code provided by Youtube. The embedded code can be easily obtained at the video page of Youtube. After pasting it on the HTML mode, you can click at the normal visual mode to see a yellow box that should appear. That would be where your video is located. You can then play the video from the preview page.