5 Tips for effective graphic design


Graphic design is one of the most important factors that determine how comfortable your visitors will be browsing your site. A good design can help to promote more sales, business leads and ROI. Criteria to design a good website include having the right font choice, colour background, theme, layout and the overall consistency.


As they are not as prominent as the main content it can still gives a significant impact of the overall impression. Depending on the theme and the nature of your web business, a background color must be compatible with the overall theme. But one of the safest background colour that you should consider is white. The white colour (or no colour) allows visitors to focus better on the content rather than the design. A white background is a scandalized background for most serious looking sites that can represent neutrality, clarity and spacious. A white background can also be easier to match with almost any color of the content.

Font type

The font plays a role in determining the theme of your site. A good font is when a reader can read smoothly and clearly throughout all the texts. The two main type of fonts are serif and san serif. Fonts like Verdana and Arial are san serif that look sharp and rigid and serif fonts are words like Times New Roman where there are curvy edges pointing out. San Serif fonts can be rather serious looking than Serif, but may not be as readable as serif. Site with lengthy text should consider the use of serif fonts for better readability.


The layout is the positioning of all the visual elements on the site. A good design is a clear design and a clear design is when everything is in order. There must be a standardization of how the text and images are composed together. This involves preparing the basic structure of the page with grids that guides the layout for the placement of text and images. By having a good layout the focus of the content will be in better order for visitors to read.


Every design has a theme. A theme is like the heart where the design evolves. A theme can be abstract or simple but it must exist in order to do a good and consistent design for the entire site. A good theme will tie up the design together.


The last and probably the most important aspect in graphic design that we all talk about is consistency. A consistent theme and design for all pages will gives the visitors one solid impression. Consistent design gives a harmonious visual that makes visitors understand your site better. So make sure there are a consistency in theme, colour and design.