5 Reasons why You must have Managed Services for Cloud

You probably heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and you know all these function as cloud storage. Some of you might already purchase one of these cloud for your business purpose. But, who do you choose to manage it? By choosing the right people for managed cloud services can bring you a lot of advantages.

Basically, you have two options when it comes to who manage Your cloud. Firstly, you can always do it all by yourself. You can choose to manage the cloud by your own and operate your business at the same time OR you hire people and train them to perform all the complex job required to run cloud infrastructure and tools as wells as application stacks.

Secondly, you can engage with a trusted partner to run and manage all or most of your cloud. This option is also known as managed cloud service. At this point, if you choose managed cloud you can focus more on your core business such as developing new products, expand customers’ base, and more. The manage team provide crucial services from consulting, provisioning management, computing management, storage management as well as network management.

Before going to any benefit and reason to choose our managed cloud service, we going to align the PAINS YOU WILL HAVE WITHOUT MANAGED CLOUD SERVICE.

i) You can have challenges on finding qualified workers with IT skills and problem solving abilities.

ii) Having technical experts off for sick days or vacations can cause problems for businesses of all sizes.

iii) Experts estimate the costs upwards of twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement.

iv) It is impossible to find one person with a thorough knowledge of the entire IT landscape.

v) Most organizations have no night shift, and having a network failure overnight can cost you thousands of dollars.

Now, we are here to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. With WebServer managed services for cloud, you will not only save your expenses, get your problems solved, but also you will enjoy our fast response time as well. Besides, you will also get more specific features from our managed service for your cloud. Such as:

  1. System monitoring and alerting- 
  2. System reporting
  3. Performance testing and tuning
  4. Proactive communication and 24/7 support
  5. DNS (Domain Name System) management 
  6. Security and compliance management 
  7. Backup and disaster recovery
  8. Single point of contact for support

So using these key functions you can not only customize the most important IT functions that is necessary for the running of your business operations but also leave all the IT operations in terms of managing your cloud to our experts from webserver.

Conclusion: Not choosing the right partner to help you on managing your cloud can be a burden to your business flow. Thus, by employing trusted managed service for cloud management such as our company WebServer Malaysia which to be the trusted web hosting provider throughout South East Asia, You can fully focus on your business without worrying about your technical aspects and leaving all to our experts to manage Your Cloud.