Why host locally and not overseas


Benefits of Choosing Local Host

Aside from the pride of patriotism for choosing a local web hosting provider, there are definitely more benefits for your website to be hosted locally. The first thing that you should really consider in web hosting is to have a reliable and effective support for your website, an unlimited support preferably. You want to have a support service that feels just as close as a doorstep away, one that you can easily reach by simply calling in or meet them in person. Having that close proximity to a local web hosting also provides you convenient support at your local time zone. In a parallel time zone between you and your local web hosting provider, you don’t need to worry about the downtime in your local daytime as maintenance is usually carried out at nighttime.

Bandwidth Makes Difference

But more important when it comes to the benefit of bandwidth that truly makes a local hosting a wiser choice. You can get the idea by imagining how people can take a long break reading their newspaper while waiting for their favorite video in Youtube to finish streaming. Proximity makes a huge different on your expectation for your site’s bandwidth. With local web hosting, you can upload and download much faster without the hassle of your files traveling all the way to another country’s nodes and getting back to the visitor who is in the same country as you.

youtube_supportIn short, a local web hosting provider allows you to download and upload files faster through their servers and experience higher resolution of video streaming. This is in fact the most important quality that we should be looking for in web hosting companies. Another advantage for local web hosting is the convenience of listing of your website when your visitor performed a search for the website that you have marketed. A local web hosting gives more relevant to local visitors.

Aside from that, you’ll need to read other things in a hosting package if it includes the support and other features that might be chargeable as an extra service. Especially if the hosting package sounds too good on pricing. You might want to find out what are the limitations or hidden facts that has been covered up with all the glitters.