What’s your email’s identity

Do you write your letter to your boss like the way you write your love letter to your girl friend? Of course not and your boss would have your letter in his trash. That’s probably one of the reasons why so many email marketing end up in trashes. Because it does not have an identity and does not know who are they addressing to.

When it comes to email, it is just like a piece of letter that you write specifically to anyone that you know of. Addressing them with their honorary, aligning to their mindset and how they would talk as if you are talking to them personally. Well if email can be as alive as that and has their very own identity, then perhaps it has a higher chance of being read than ending up in the trash.

The fact is recipients trash emails because they perceive some emails as spam to them and they see no significance to them since they are not even addressed in the first place. To them, it’s like someone just shouted ‘hello!’ in the middle of the crowd and the next thing they do is just to ignore that person. So email needs to be customised, simple as that.

Always have your email customised in ways that addresses that specific person. A preliminary research on the demographics of the recipients would be useful to understand what they really want. The use of subject lines is very important. It’s the first thing that they read before opening any emails. If the subject line is unattractive or appear irrelevant to them, it will not be read. So the first time is to understand what they need or like what is often used in NLP, pace their reality.

Only by addressing their specific need, emails would have a better chance to be opened by recipients.