What is SSL certificate

sslThe growth of technology increases equally with the growth of cyber crimes around the world and the need for a better security increases. SSL certificate stands for secure sockets layer is also known as digital certificate. It is a security system that gives trust and security to people who use specific sites to purchase something or when entering confidential information. Phishing is one of the fastest growing threat that SSL certificate helps to protect against.

Because people find it hard to distinguish between a genuine and a fraud site when it comes to purchasing online, SSL certificate acts as the reliable mediator that give assurance to the visitors that the browsing website is secure and that they are protected against internet fraudster when trying to make purchase online or enter confidential information. It is a reputable security system that is recognizable upon seeing the padlock symbol at the corner of a browser. It helps users to skip through untrustworthy websites and help companies to increase credibility.

SSL certificate works by creating a secure link between a website and the visitors’ browser by establishing a private communication channel that enables encryption of the data during transmission. The encryption will then scrambles the data creating a case for private message. The encryptions consist of a public key which is used to encrypt and a private key which is used to decipher the message. There are many different types of encryption levels for SSL that also differs in price, one of the more common is the 128 bit encryption that is available for all types of internet browsers.

Like web hosting, the SSL certificate is also available in shared or dedicated environment. The latter would of course be more secure as it is unaffected by other accounts. Ecommerce websites are essential to have a better credibility and security to gain trust from visitors to buy from them. Any websites that require sensitive data such as date of birth, license, credit card or bank information should have the obligation to obtain a SSL certificate. The same goes to any websites that value privacy and expect to gain trust from visitors.