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Webserver.com.my Sponsors in Social Badminton Event

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Webserver.com.my Sponsors in Social Badminton Event

Kuala Lumpur, December 11 – The 2009 social badminton tournament organized by the Malaysian Badminton Network would receive a total of 239 t-shirts sponsored by a local web-hosting provider Webserver.com.my.

The badminton event will be held for three consecutive days starting on this Friday (11 Dec) to Sunday (13 Dec) at Ara Damansara, PJ and welcomes approximately 300 participants of all badminton enthusiasts that would be wearing the sponsored black T-shirts.

Webserver.com.my chief officer executive Alfred Lim said “Webserver.com.my is glad to have the opportunity to be part of this sporting event that would inculcate the importance of sports for youth and society and develop more talents for our local sports industry”

The social badminton event that was a sequel to the first tournament on August would be held quarterly every year and accepts players of all skill levels of professional, intermediate and beginner.

About Malaysian Badminton Network
MBN is the biggest badminton network in Malaysia to gather all badminton lovers (including professional, intermediate, amateur and social badminton players). It serve as a network for all badminton lovers to share their thoughts, opinions, skills and. It also serves as a place to gather all Malaysia badminton lovers to discuss about the current badminton development and latest issue regarding badminton. (http://www.malaysianbadminton.com)

About WebServer.com.my
Webserver.com.my has 11 years of experience in the web hosting industry and has created a reputation for its secure and reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. A joint group by experienced leaders and staffs, Webserver.com.my focuses on providing the quality of mission critical hosting service that delivers 24/7 last mile application support and state-of-the-art technology for the best security and reliability. The benchmark of Webserver.com.my is loaded with 2 Gigabytes to 32 Gigabytes of RAM; and is networked together with CISCO Switches that provides the highest level of speed, redundancy and data protection availability. (https://www.webserver.com.my)


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