Web Domain and Hosting and Why You Should Buy Both Together

Web Domain and Hosting

web domain and hosting

It is not uncommon for people to think that hosting is the only thing they need to start a website, especially for people beginning their journey to learn how the website works. Most people who are new to understanding websites and the internet could usually be confused with the difference between web domain and hosting.

From some experiences, they tend to think the purchase of hosting automatically come with a domain for their website, which is usually not true. Counting out the promotions and freebies given by some hosting providers that offer free web domain with hosting, the two web services are very different in their uses and in two separate prices.

Both web domain and hosting are essential services for a website to have to be reachable by visitors. So it is very important to be clear with the two functions of these web services.

Hosting provides a server, its connections, and configurations for a website to host all files, videos, pictures and so on with a specified amount of space that a buyer chooses. Upon purchase, the client is then provided with FTP account details (username and password) to access the space and start uploading these files onto the website.

Domain on the other hand provides a name for a website. It is also hosted under a server that is pointed to access the server of your website so visitors will be able to reach your site’s content when they type your domain.

There are varieties of domains available with different extension letters such as .com .org .net and so on. The prices for domain registration differ from the choice of extension and the number of years for use.

For a simple illustration, hosting would be like a shop or space in the real world for people to start their businesses. So they may put all their products in the right space.

But before that, they would need to register a company name so people know who they are and how they can be reached, that would be domain. WebServer offers both, where you can buy domain and web hosting together for better reliability.

Why Should You Buy a Web Domain and Hosting Together

buy domain and hosting

Many people have misconceptions about web domain and hosting when it comes to start building a website. Not to mention that setting up these two important elements for their website to work well requires some basic understanding of how these two web services must work together.

Hosting for a website is like renting a place for you to start a business and a domain is basically a web service that requires you to register for your company name. You must have both in order to start a business.

Most hosting company usually provides the service of a web domain and also hosting. But for some domain registrar, they only provide domain registration. So the choices to get web domain and hosting together from the same company or from two different companies are yours to call.

Some domain registrar does provide a different price than those hosting company that provides domain as well. But there are some benefits for anyone who choose to bundle up the two services together.

Needless to say, many would probably choose to buy a business shop and register a business name together at the same time for better convenience if it is possible. But in the case of web domain and hosting, it is best that you do so especially if you do the extra work yourself.

This work includes setting up the DNS account to be pointed at the right place and managing additional email accounts. If you choose to have two services by two different providers, you will need to do an additional setup to ensure your domain is properly pointed at your hosting server.

Though this is not something complicated, having one company to manage things for you would save you from lots of hassle. Especially when it comes to the reminder system, it is much more convenient to receive it only from one company and pay only to one than to two separate services.

If you experience any downtime, you can just trace the problem to one provider than to two different companies to check where the problem arises from.